Exploring Infrared Roasted Coffee

Exploring Infrared Roasted Coffee

The Best Coffee For Your Mug.

The morning cup of coffee is a common symbol of the modern world, enjoyed by millions of people every day. Signaling the start of a new day, new ambitions, and working towards goals, it's worth considering what coffee we decide to use as a part of our daily ritual. Today, coffee has become a massive cultural phenomenon, enjoyed globally and celebrated for its ability to quickly boost energy levels. Examining the products used to create coffee, it is quickly apparent that not all coffee is created equally or in the same manner. Let’s dive into infrared-roasted coffee and what makes it a superior product.

First, we need to understand how the standard coffee bean is roasted and manufactured prior to consumption. In typical commercial roasting, beans are placed onto a conveyor and roasted by blowing flame-heated air from below, or heated as they are placed into a large tumbler machine. Both methods have a propensity towards having flame-burned beans and uneven roasting.

Infrared roasting solves the problems that conventional roasting struggles with, effectively eliminating burnt beans and uneven roasting. Using technology that heats the beans more quickly, the surface of the bean maintains its integrity better while still allowing the inside of the bean to heat at a relatively lower temperature as compared to traditional roasting. Currently, only 2% of coffee beans are roasted using infrared technology. DorotaBotanicals is one of a few companies that are utilizing this superior method that leads to more flavorful and aromatic coffee. Roasting using infrared has been shown to dramatically lower the acidity levels in coffee, more uniformly roast the beans, and totally eliminate any burnt, bitter coffee taste.

DorotaBotanicals uses a Diedrich Roaster for its infrared roasting. This roaster allows for more quality control by using only small batches that are roasted weekly, which supplies you with the freshest and highest quality available. The infrared burner and other technology that this roaster is equipped with allow for complete control over the roasting environment. The roaster is equipped with a drum where a small batch of beans is placed to roast. Inside the drum, a paddle spins during the roasting process. This continuous movement and specialized heating allow each and every bean to be roasted to perfection.

Despite what most coffee manufacturers may try to lead you to believe, acidity is not a desired feature of an ideal cup of coffee. The process of infrared roasting yields coffee beans that are lower in acidity. When coffee beans are heated by a flame, as is common in mainstream roasting, they release acid content. For those who suffer from acid reflux or other gastro problems, being able to enjoy a cup of coffee can be a struggle. Thanks to infrared roasted coffee beans, all of us can enjoy coffee without having to worry about the associated discomfort a regular cup of coffee tends to lead to.

In terms of flavor and aroma, infrared-roasted coffee beans are no doubt exceptional compared to their competitors. As compared to traditional roasting methods, infrared-roasted beans have been found to have 25% more aroma compounds. As previously mentioned, infrared roasting eliminates any burnt or bitter coffee taste. Superior in taste and preferable in aroma, infrared-roasted coffee beans are certain to make every cup of coffee memorable.

Check out our animation video, which shows you behind the exterior shell of the Diedrich coffee roaster we are using to roast our coffee.

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