California Picual Olive Oil

California Picual Olive Oil

The Olive Oil Champion

In terms of flexibility, no other variety of olive oil can begin to rival the sensational California Picual olive oil. Now available at DorotaBotanicals, this advantageous and delicious extra virgin oil is ready to be enjoyed by you and your loved ones! The California Picual Olive Oil can rightfully claim its spot as being one of the world’s most versatile and enjoyed olive oils. Perfect for those looking for olive oil that adapts to various needs, this olive oil is ready to make every meal a memorable experience.

What makes this Picual olive oil so special is the olives which are used in the manufacturing process. The Picual olive variety is native to Spain, however, flourishes in many different regions throughout the world. Olives used in our Picual olive oil are grown in beautiful California, where it is the perfect climate to create this flavorful oil. What makes this oil so extraordinary is this variety’s high oil content- more than 20% of the olive’s weight is oil and is extremely high in polyphenols. It is no surprise to discover that Picual olives are the world’s most commonly grown olive, and account for approximately 25% of the world’s production. A noteworthy point of DorotaBotanicals’ Picual Olive Oil is that this product is both harvested and cold-pressed in California. This ensures the product's wonderful attributes retain maximum freshness and flavor.

Most other olive oils are a golden yellow, however, a standout feature of Picual olive oil is its intense, lush shade of green. This delectable oil strikes the perfect balance between pungent, bitter olives and delicious, fruity flavor. The slightly peppery aftertaste of this oil makes it a crowd favorite. Fragrant notes of green leaf, fig, and tomato are a delightful aromatic experience.

Picual olive oil is perhaps the most versatile olive oil you can ever use. Wonderful for its long shelf life, this oil’s excellent preservation can last for several years. Highly resistant to oxidation, Picual olive oil maintains its flavor longer than other oils. Another note on its high stability against oxidation is that it allows the oil to perform marvelously at frying foods. Taking longer for this oil to break down at high heat, as compared to other olive oils, Picual olive oil can help you achieve the perfect, crispy fry.

The versatility of Picual olive oil is what will make this product a champion in your pantry. If you’re looking for some inspiration on how to incorporate Picual olive oil into your next meal, this oil works well in hearty dishes such as roasted meats and stews, bruschetta, and risottos. For vegetables full of flavor, try roasting or sauteing after tossing them in oil. Perfect on popcorn, potatoes, and baking- there isn’t anything this oil

cannot do. Pairing perfectly with our Dark Traditional Style Balsamic Vinegar to create the perfect, classic dipping blend, the versatility of this product is sure to have you reaching for it over, and over again.

Setting itself apart from other olive oils, the Picual olive oil boasts itself full of pungent flavor, a myriad of uses, and an endless variety of applications. DorotaBotanicals now offers the highest quality California Picual olive oil to you. With its amazing versatility, long shelf life, extraordinary taste, and ability to pair with so many flavors- the California Picual Olive Oil is sure to become a most reached item in your pantry.

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