How do you flavor the oils and vinegars?

We use all natural, mainly liquid flavorings. Our flavored extra virgin olive oils are flavored using extra virgin olive oil based flavorings. We stir the flavorings into the oil or balsamic just prior to bottling for maximum freshness. No heat is used in the process. The Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) uses EVOO based flavorings, the balsamic uses alcohol extract-based flavorings. 

One question that usually comes up is about our butter flavor: Are we using actual butter? No. How is it “natural” then? Scientists figured out that a molecule called diacetyl is what gives butter its butter flavor. They can make this artificially, but they can also obtain it naturally from many other sources in nature. Sweet potatoes, for instance, have a high concentration of diacetyl. Our flavor manufacturer has a proprietary (secret) process by which they extract this substance from sweet potatoes. Hence “natural” butter flavor.

All of the flavorings are natural, vegan (plant based) and allergen free. Our flavor manufacturer uses a process of combining different components to mimic flavors. There is no cheese in our Parmesan flavoring, no meat in our bacon flavoring, and no butter in our butter flavor oil…etc

The flavorings for the balsamic vinegars are the same concept but with an alcohol base, like vanilla extract for instance. However, our chile has chile powder in it so this balsamic will have a grainy texture and need to be shaken up as well. Our white sesame ginger balsamic has black sesame seeds in it. All of our other flavors are strictly liquid (alcohol) based.

What is the difference between Dark and White Balsamic?
Both products are made from Grape Must (crushed Trebbiano and Lambrusco grapes) blended with Wine Vinegar. Dark Balsamic has the grape must cooked down and water evaporates to reduce the must at a temperature at which the natural sugars will caramelize. It is then blended with red wine vinegar.

White Balsamic has the grape must cooked down and reduced in a vacuum chamber. Water evaporates at a lower temperature in a vacuum. Therefore, the natural sugars do not get hot enough to caramelize and turn dark. White wine vinegar is then blended with the grape must. White balsamic is actually more of a golden yellow color.

Are your products Organic?
None of our products are USDA Certified Organic. However, the base EVOO we use for all of our flavored EVOO comes from Tunisia. 97% of all olive oil production in Tunisia is organic because many of the trees are old growth, hundreds of years old. Tunisia has been producing olive oil for thousands of years. The trees are “dry farmed” meaning there is no irrigation system, just rainfall. Applying any sort of fertilizers or herbicides would be expensive and it’s really not necessary. The trees are all harvested by hand with rakes and nets.

Are your Oils and Balsamic Gluten Free?
Yes. All our oils and balsamic naturally Gluten Free, however we do not have any Gluten Free Certifications or paperwork.

How old is your balsamic vinegar? 
That is a good question with a very complicated answer. In order to answer this question properly, so that you have a complete understanding, I need to explain the different grades of balsamic vinegar in general. There is a lot of misinformation on the internet and a lot of intentional and unintentional false information out there in the marketplace. Read more... 

Are your Oils and Balsamic all Natural?
Yes. We’ve made the effort to source only all-natural products and flavorings. None of our oils and balsamic have anything artificial. All of our flavorings are made from plant-based materials and therefore, they are also Vegan.

Are your products Non-GMO?
Yes. All of our products are GMO FREE!