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DorotaBotanicals has been born of Dorota's devotion to sharing products that are carefully selected and crafted with care-she tries to both impress customers with an unforgettable culinary experience and the opportunity to incorporate foods that offer amazing health benefits. From a wonderful selection of savory extra virgin olive oils and delicious vinegars to rich and delicious coffee, we ensure each product will be a delightful experience.

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Infrared Roasted Low Acid Coffee Beans.

At DorotaBotanicals small batches of green coffee beans are roasted every week to ensure quality control over each batch's characteristics and flavor. The temperature of the bean affects how deeply the roast is done. Every batch is carefully monitored, with the bean temperature being recorded until the desired roast is reached.

However, that is only a small part of what we do to ensure a high-quality product. For a great cup of coffee, the freshness of the roasted bean is equally important. As a result, unlike large corporate roasters, our roasted beans are never older than two weeks, and we roast our beans in an infrared roaster.

In terms of flavor and aroma, infrared freshly roasted coffee beans are no doubt exceptional compared to their competitors. As compared to traditional roasting methods, infrared-roasted coffee has been found to have 25% more aroma compounds. Infrared roasting eliminates any burnt or bitter coffee taste. Superior in taste and preferable in aroma, infrared-roasted coffee beans are certain to make every cup of coffee memorable.

Our coffee is roasted in a Diedrich roaster. What is special about this roaster? We air-vey each batch of coffee beans, release them into a roasting drum where they are heated with Infrared (IR) heat that gently and evenly raises the temperature of each bean to perfection. Unlike conventional roasting, coffee beans roasted using infrared technology leads to lower acidity levels, an evenly roasted bean, and completely eliminates a burnt or bitter coffee taste. Check out our animation video, which shows you behind the exterior shell of the Diedrich coffee roaster we are using to roast our coffee, or go to our blog post for more informations.. Exploring Infrared Roasted Coffee

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Olive Oil & Balsamic

Single Varietal EVOO

There are an array of benefits to purchasing single varietal extra virgin olive oils. Perhaps the most important, aside from the quality, is the ability to select an oil that meets your desires precisely. Each type of extra virgin olive oil has its own unique flavor profile and aromatic features (peppery, grassy, creamy, ripe fruit, pungent, artichoke, mild to bold, etc..) We have the most exceptional unique Single Varietal Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Vew Product...

Flavored Extra Virgin Olive Oil

We all have unique preferences for tastes, and having a selection to pick from allows for greater satisfaction. We offer ultra-premium quality Flavored Olive Oil EVOO, delicious with unique aroma and taste. Vew Product...


What is the difference between white balsamic and dark balsamic? The white balsamic is made with white grapes, yes, but so is the dark balsamic. The dark balsamic gets the dark color from the sugars caramelizing during the cooking process while it is being reduced and concentrated. The white balsamic is reduced in a vacuum chamber. This allows the water content to evaporate at a much lower temperature, below the temperature that sugar will caramelize at. White wine vinegar is used instead of red wine vinegar and it is not put in wood barrels. The taste is a little lighter and less bitter without the caramelization. Even though the sugar content is the same as the dark, it can actually taste sweeter because the bitter does not offset the sweetness...to learn more read the story of our balsamic or view white balsamic or dark barsamic collection...

The Story of our Balsamic Vinegar

How old is your balsamic vinegar? 

That is a good question with a very complicated answer. In order to answer this question properly, so that you have a complete understanding, I need to explain the different grades of balsamic vinegar in general. There is a lot of misinformation on the internet and a lot of intentional and unintentional false information out there in the marketplace. Read more


The best chefs and foodies in the world are aware that success in the kitchen depends on experimentation. It's important to not be afraid to experiment with flavor combinations because the most satisfying dishes are those that offer an unexpected twist or something unique. You may be wondering what to do with all of the fantastic products we have available in our online store. Here are some recipes to get you started.