Incredible Decaf Coffee:

Incredible Decaf Coffee:

What is the Chemical-Free Swiss Water Decaffeination Process? 
Caffeine is America’s favorite natural stimulant that helps get us going in the morning. Coffee beans contain a naturally occurring stimulant that helps put some pep in our step and start our day. However, an increasing number of people desire the comfort of a warm cup of coffee without the caffeine intake. There are various reasons: personal preferences, stomach sensitivity, anxiety, pregnancy, and other health reasons that may require you to reduce or eliminate caffeine intake.

A cup of decaffeinated coffee can be a delightful alternative to traditional coffee. DorotaBotanicals is pleased to share a 100% Chemical-Free Swiss Water Decaffeinated coffee that will become your new favorite coffee.

What is Chemical-Free Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee? 
Invented in 1933 in Switzerland, the six-step process requires only three things: water, heat, and time. This process allows caffeine from the coffee to be extracted while perfectly ensuring the flavor of the coffee remains undisturbed. What results is a delectable coffee that is 99.9% caffeine-free!

Various methods are often used to produce decaffeinated coffee. This usually requires chemicals such as methylene chloride—often used as a paint solvent. What makes DorotaBotanical’s decaf coffee exceptional is the fact that all of our coffee is produced in a chemical-free manner. Swiss Water Decaffeination relies on the process of osmosis to remove and eliminate caffeine from unroasted green coffee beans.

The Process:
After green coffee beans have been harvested, extracted from the fruit, and dried, the process is ready to begin. The unroasted, green coffee beans are then prepared to be soaked in high-temperature water, where the caffeine will start to dissolve out of the bean.

Next, the water is drained and passed through a high-quality charcoal filter. This step is what allows this process to work incredibly well. The molecule that makes up caffeine is quite large, and the charcoal filter can filter out this molecule. The other elements that make coffee so flavorful and enjoyable—the sugars and oils, are small enough to pass through the filter and remain with the water. This water that is void of caffeine but still infused with the qualities that make coffee so enjoyable is called green coffee extract.

The process then starts again by adding the green coffee extract to a new batch of green coffee beans. What is different this time, however, is that the water being used to soak the beans is already blooming with the delicious flavors and aromas from the previous batch. Once the next set is strained, what remains are coffee beans devoid of caffeine but without losing the integrity of taste.

Why Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee-
As is often the case for decaf coffee, a compromise on flavor and aroma is a typical flaw coffee drinkers experience. With Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee, you don’t have to settle to enjoy the fantastic experience a warm cup of coffee imparts. Because choosing to leave caffeine out is just as crucial as being determined to leave flavor in, you can be confident that you’ve made the right call when choosing this option.

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