Greek Kalamata Olive Oil

Greek Kalamata Olive Oil

What Makes This Cooking Oil A Delight To Use

The Greek Kalamata olive is perhaps one of the world’s best-known tabletop olives. Prized for their delicious quality, it is no surprise that Kalamata olives make one of the most delectable olive oils. What makes this oil so special is the olive itself. The Kalamata olive is named after the region in Greece where this olive originates from. When perfectly ripe, these olives have beautiful dark purple skin that is smooth to the touch. Delicate in nature, Kalamata olives must be hand-picked to avoid bruising. The Kalamata olive is one of the world’s most succulent olives; subsequently, this lends to the most exquisite olive oils.

Extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) is known for being of the highest quality. Greek Kalamata EVOO is celebrated for its phenomenal quality, aroma, and taste. Its ability to be enjoyed in a wide variety of cooking dishes makes this oil one worth investing in. When considering purchasing any quality olive oil, three things you are likely interested in learning more about are how the oil tastes, smells, and ways in which you can incorporate it into your favorite meals.

The taste of Greek Kalamata olive oil is best described as having a balanced and robust flavor, with notes of mild black pepper. Its distinctive flavor is also commonly described as having a bit of a fruity aspect, making it an enjoyable experience. Smooth in texture, and perfectly balanced in all its elements, it is a flavor that is widely enjoyed for its palatability.

Enjoying the sensation of flavor actually comes from both the taste and aroma of what we are eating. It is not enough to consider only the taste; we must also pay attention to the smell. The aroma of Greek Kalamata olive oil is enticing, with notes of fruity olive and undertones that can be described as earthy. Notes of a peppery zest seep through, making the smell of the oil one that is both complex and appetizing.

This aromatic and savory oil can be incorporated into virtually any meal. From marinades, salad dressings, dipping sauces, and pasta Kalamata olive oil will easily become one of the most used cooking oils in your home. Another important note on this delightful cooking oil is how amazingly it pairs with other flavors, especially balsamic vinegar. Try Kalamata olive oil with our Traditional Style Dark Balsamic for a classical, delectable pairing. For another exciting twist, try mixing Kalamata oil with our White Traditional Balsamic. Together, they create a tart and lusciously sweet flavor.

No doubt, the choices are plentiful when facing the vast array of olive oils. Selecting one that you feel confident about means you’ll be more likely to enjoy using the product. Not all olive oils are created the same. Kalamata olive oil has a memorable taste and can easily be integrated into your cooking lineup. Adding this product to your pantry, you can be sure you and your family will enjoy many delicious meals together.

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