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Chocolate Jalapeño Dark Balsamic Vinegar / Glaze

Chocolate Jalapeño Dark Balsamic Vinegar / Glaze

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The chocolate flavor dominates this savory and sweet balsamic, with the Jalapeño heat coming in as a back note. In addition to marinating red meat, this balsamic vinegar can be used to create delectable salad dressings. It goes well with coffee ice cream or any other dessert. 

  • 375 ml bottle
  • 100 ml bottle

NOTE: Our balsamic vinegar is reduction balsamic vinegar, also known as balsamic glaze, from Modena, Italy, and is made with wine vinegar and grape must (crushed Trebbiano and Lambrusco grapes). None of our balsamic vinegars contain any added sugar; the sugar in our balsamic comes from grapes. To learn more visit our FAQ page.


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