What Are Single Varietal Extra Virgin Olive Oils

What Are Single Varietal Extra Virgin Olive Oils

How You Can Ensure The Quality of Your Oil

Did you know that a lot of the olive oils found on supermarket shelves are fake? A shocking, and one that consumers are likely unaware of. Currently, olive oils are permitted to be sold when they are processed and packaged with many filler products such as corn, canola oil, soybean oil etc. These diluted products lack the flavor and aroma that clean oil has to offer. A helpful tip for knowing if your olive oil is authentic and in the purest form, is to know if it is a Single Varietal Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

You’re likely wondering, what exactly is a single varietal extra virgin olive oil? While it can certainly be a mouthful to say, what this product ensures is that your olive oil comes from a single source. Also known as monovarietal extra virgin oils, these specific oils offer consumers the purest and highest quality product, and are made with no added any other oil. It is worth noting that house - made blends made of various olive oils offer customers a unique experience, and can be made using ingredients containing single varietal olive oils.

There are an array of benefits to purchasing single varietal extra virgin olive oils. Perhaps the most important, aside from the quality, is the ability to select an oil that meets your desires precisely. Each type of extra virgin olive oil has its own unique flavor profile and aromatic features. Offered at DorotaBotanicals, you are offered a variety of single varietal extra virgin olive oils to discover and enjoy: Greek Koroneiki, Greek Kalamata, California Picual, and coming soon, Italian Coratina!

We all have unique preferences for tastes, and having a selection to pick from allows for greater satisfaction. Single varietal olive oil captures the distinct and clean flavors that olives contain. From delicate to robust, each varietal olive oil offers its own exceptional taste. Each of DorotaBotanicals’ single varietal extra-virgin olive oils is made to the highest standard. You can rest assured, that these oils contain only one type of olive used in the manufacturing process. This allows you to fully appreciate the flavor of a specific olive, distinguishing its unique characteristics and properties.

If you’re seeking an extra virgin olive oil that is robust in flavor and memorable for its peppery notes and slightly fruity element, then look no further than the Greek Kalamata extra virgin olive oil. True to its single varietal name, this oil is made from only Greek Kalamata olives. Another wonderful choice if you’re looking for an oil that is booming with flavor is Greek Koroneiki extra virgin olive oil, made exclusively from Koroneiki olives native to Greece. Full of pizzaz, this oil starts with a fresh taste and leaves you with a piquant ending.

Two more enticing choices are the California Picual Extra Virgin Olive Oil and the Italian Coratina extra virgin olive oil. California Picual olive oil is another monovarietal oil made solely from Picual olives grown in beautiful California. This delicious oil features a harmony between full-bodied olive and fruity flavor. The Italian Corantina olive oil is yet another single varietal oil made exclusively from Italian harvested Corantina olives. 
While preparing meals for you and your loved ones, you want to be assured that the extra virgin olive oils you are using are of the highest quality. Using single varietal extra virgin olive oils, you can be confident that you are not compromising on quality and enjoying all the flavor that olive oils can imbue on a dish.
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