Which Oil Should I Use?

Which Oil Should I Use?

Picking The Perfect Oil To Complement Your Dish 
It can be difficult to decide which oil to use while cooking since there are so many different variations on the market. Each oil has essential characteristics unique to it that make it special and valuable for diverse types of dishes. When deciding which oil to choose for your next meal, consider your preferred flavor profile and cooking methods.

No doubt, not all olive oils are created equally. Extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) is the finest and highest quality olive oil you can buy. However, a variety of single varietal extra virgin olive oils are available! Each single varietal of olive oil can range in flavor and pungency from delicate to robust. Depending on the oil, some pair more succulently with certain dishes and cooking methods than other choices. This is why having multiple single varietal olive oils in your pantry is ideal!

You'll be able to choose between what you have on hand if you want olive oil to impart a more hearty, full-bodied flavor or one to complement a more delicate dish with lighter flavors.

Beyond considering your flavor preferences, consider how you plan to prepare your meal. The cooking method you use plays an integral part in determining which olive oil may serve you best. Consider the following cooking methods and which oils pair nicely with each technique:

Raw or uncooked, Planning to use your oil without adding heat? Olive oil works splendidly to create vinaigrettes, dipping sauces, or drizzled-over dishes for a final touch. Depending upon your flavor preferences, whether you prefer a more pungent, robust flavor or a delicate, softer taste, you can utilize any olive oil. When enjoying olive oil uncooked, a safe bet is to go for one that is milder and more delicate in flavor. Try our Tunisian house blend for an experience that is both charming with its complex flavors but does not overpower or compete with other flavors.

Sautéing When sautéing meat or vegetables, you’ll likely want to opt for an olive oil that is buttery, full of olive flavor, and finishes with fruity notes. Look no further than DorotaBotanicals’ Greek Kalamata extra virgin olive oil for this cooking method! Its subtle grassy flavors and peppery finish make it an excellent pairing for both meats and vegetables.

Grilling; This cooking method often allows foods to have more powerful flavors. For this job, you’ll want an olive oil that can stand up well against the charred taste. A bold, robust olive oil such as the Greek Koroneiki extra virgin olive oil is perfect for this task!

Baking; If you’re surprised that you can use extra virgin olive oil in your baking, you’re in for a treat. Olive oil can act as a substitute for canola or vegetable oil in baking and actually works better. Lighter, fluffier texture, and a longer-lasting moist finish are just some of the reasons olive oil is terrific for baking. One crucial factor to consider is that you will not want to select a powerfully flavored oil. Instead, opt for a delicate flavor and one that will not overpower any other flavors in your baking. For this reason, DorotaBotanicals' California Picual makes an excellent choice for baking needs.

Frying; All too often, people assume olive oil cannot be used for frying. This simply isn’t true. Due to its relatively high smoke point, olive oil is a great choice when frying foods. However, if you’re looking for an oil with a higher smoke point, our avocado oil is an excellent choice to best suit your needs. This oil is rapidly gaining popularity for its ability to work seamlessly in a myriad of cooking methods. If you enjoy stir-frying and dishes with a flair for oriental flavor, our Toasted Sesame Seed Oil is the oil to pick!

DorotaBotanicals offers a wide range of single varietal and flavored oils and speciality oils to select from. This allows you to choose the perfect oil with both taste and cooking methods in mind. If you have a particular oil you love and enjoy using, do not feel limited in its ability to be utilized in various cooking methods. Olive oil, avocado oil, and sesame oils can all be used in various cooking scenarios and can be enjoyed however you relish them most!

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