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Butter Olive Oil / EVOO Flavored

Butter Olive Oil / EVOO Flavored

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This is a butter-flavored, dairy-free olive oil that is ideal for vegans, vegetarians, and health-conscious cooks. The luscious flavor of sweet cream butter combined with the heart-healthy benefits of olive oil yields an excellent cooking option. It's great for baking or drizzling over popcorn, pasta, or any seafood. Make it your own by adding it to mashed potatoes, rice dishes, or bread. This smooth, silky, buttery treat tastes just like the real thing! Drizzle our Chile Dark Balsamic Vinegar over your meat to add some heat to your dish and enjoy. 

  • 375 ml bottle
  • 100 ml bottle

FAQ: One question that usually comes up is about our butter flavor: Are we using actual butter? The answer is No. How is it “natural” then? Scientists figured out that a molecule called diacetyl is what gives butter it’s butter flavor. They can make this artificially, but they can also obtain it naturally from many other sources in nature. Sweet potatoes, for instance, have a high concentration of diacetyl. Our suplayer flavor manufacturer has a proprietary (secret) process by which they extract this substance from sweet potatoes. As a result, a "natural" butter flavor is created. 


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